About Us

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Your Friendly Local Drive Thru

Adam and Peter started with a vision to bring the absolute best homemade food to the neighborhood. Making items from scratch and specializing in comfort, Auto-Drip has become a favorite for seacoast locals and visitors alike.

From a wide variety of coffee drinks and flavors to the always fresh rotating daily selection of homemade soups, Auto-Drip is committed to making customer satisfaction a priority.

The Auto-Drip experience is ready-made foods to-go and an outstanding beer and wine selection. Along with pre-prepared foods, we provide a range of grocery items. Served to you in the comfort of your car with a smile, a laugh, and the friendliest service on the seacoast.

Adam says, ``We love our community, our customers, and cooking with love.``

Locals are saying:
``Auto-Drip is my favorite place to get lunch, or a Rice Krispie treat! I love swinging through to see what treats they have. The atmosphere is fun. I love their seasonal flowers. Incredibly friendly experience!``

``Auto-Drip has been our go-to for lunch. It's great when you need something that always tastes great and is super fast.``

``I can get my caffeine fix and Auto-Drip's Revere Sandwiches to bring to the beach. It's great, I don't even have to take the kids out of the car, just drive-thru and we are on our way!!``

People are Talking

Adam is the best! The homemade whoopie pies, muffins, cookies, etc. are fantastic! The iced coffee is also delicious! Such a little Hidden Gem!


Amazing!! I just tried the BELT ... oh my gosh!! Made me want another! Adam is incredible -- very personable and friendly. I am Just all around very pleased.


Breakfast, Lunch, or a quick afternoon pick-me-up -- The Auto Drip is always a sure bet! The Krispy Treats are always a crowd-pleaser.

Phone: (207) 439-5554
165 State Road, Kittery, ME 03905